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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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evidence or the shooter's body on we are live in blacksburg. have some breaking news got word of within moments.few police have identified this , the gunman as a 22-year- from nearby radford university. there was an incident that took place the night before the shooting took place. it took place at radford. once again, a 22-year-old now the person the gunmen in the shooting. >> virginia tech senior was just steps away when officer deriek crouse was gunned down. >> i heard the shots, he kind of get going.hat to he realized what he had done.
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that is when i turned and as fast as i could. >> across the street, the officers-board camera captured the moment as well. the suspect bolted, changed spotted moments later by deputies. that is when he committed suicide. the campus is still reeling from the rampage four. -- 4.5 years ago. " i think everyone is very solemn today. the small memorial grows by minute near the site work crouse was gunned down. and would see the officer he was a great guy. such a gentleman. >> having witnessed his last
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on earth, he returned to the scene today. >> to protect us, we owe him. getting a couple of new developments. it was announced moments ago funeral services for the officer will be held at the monday at 2:00. the gunman has been identified students at nearby radford university. is ross ashley. that is the latest from the virginia tech campus. >> officials say the alert system at the school went exactly as planned. authorities say it no one the gunmen shooting himself because student and -- insidenkered down
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buildings. police aren't saying they want students to expect more around the campus next few days. exams will take place tomorrow original time and place. we will continue to track from virginia tech all weekend long. go to for the latest details. leslie johnson will go to prison. the wife of former county executive jack johnson was sentenced to one year and a day. she pleaded guilty to conspiracy commit evidence and witness tampering. she admitted stashing $100,000 check down the toilet and hiding $80,000 cash in her underwear. >> justice was never served. you just take it as it is. >> jack johnson was sentenced to than seven years.
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for extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes from developers. the republican candidate for are ready to square off again. news crews have been setting up for tomorrow's debate. there are efforts to tear down gingrich runner mitch -- newt gingrich would attack ads. couldt candidates practically applied for presidency. newt gingrich was scheduled to today for a book signing. a very unusual cancellation. he would have been lucky to draw at all. today, he had to cancel a book signing over public safety concerns. he is getting attention and
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criticism. to expose him. >> this data in new ad put out by a pro-life production company harshest yet. wife eventually left his struggling with cancer. >> mitt romney is profiling his hoping it bore with america. >> my wife of 42 years. >> today, in iowa, both his wife and sons. soif his past is a problem, far it is not showing. in a head-to-head matchup, gingrich dominates.
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in a race so rapid and unpredictable, there is no room for complacency. at this point last election, the the pack was rudy guiliani. gingrich is no shrinking violets. back atfiring opponents, including over a new attack ad by rodney. should be some pretty back and forth at the iowa debate tomorrow night. bet the debate that may not the one donald with wanted to moderate candidate a few days before iowa caucuses. trump says he made a ditch plans the debate. only two candidates have expressed any interest. says he has not decided will a eventually endorse a candidate. members of congress may have a hard time getting reelected. 76% of registered voters said
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of congress should not get another term in office. those figures are up considerably since may, when the poll said 63%. ironically, at 53% of those also think their own representative should be reelected. come, a new video of imf chief accused in a sexual assault. what happened minutes after the alleged attack. >> more work on at metro rail. >> that is aid to new during more of. in army-navy preview. >> beautiful day today. at that a full moon.
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police have just identified the gunmen involved in yesterday's incident. breaking news, we just last fewithin the minutes, the suspect in the killedg yesterday that was a 22-year-old radford university nearby. as 22-year-ified
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ross ashley. you may recall there was an place thehat took night before the shooting happened. carjacking at radford university that police say was blamed. the pieces are all coming together. you see it many students making the middle of the campus. a vigil that is supposed to take place at the bottom of the hour. many of these students have not breaking news that it nearby oyster and from forord who is responsible -- ahooting yesterday student from radford. has aired television
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surveillance video of dominique >> the video was the basis of reports that the case may been politically motivated. acting outd is seen assault.ed prosecutors dropped the case them.t drivers on i-95 will soon see onvel times displayed between message boards washington and fredericksburg. the policy will take effect monday. seee towill be travel times posted at several locations. it is the break and come up track work on metrorail. of the red,ct parts blue, orange, and green line. trains will be a single track in portions of those lines.
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normal scheduled a resume on morning. for more details, go to it is a battle at fedex field this weekend. >> this is football weather.
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everyone loves a good sports rivalry. >> the fedex field is being for tomorrow's army- navy game. this is the same view that the knights will seek parachute onto the field before the game. there are plenty of events ahead of the game. hall,constitution the army's holiday concert. this is sergeant first class up with the fight song. 10000 fans will hear about that tune on saturday.
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>> there is such a respect from other,titution to the to win. are still out easier for the president. >> she will see her first live from the fourth before seat ships out. >> she wants to be a navy doctor take theirrs will enlistment on the field during the second time out of the second quarter. >> you get to do it in front of a couple of thousand people. >> the matchup will be televised. even the army brought said support will be an undeniable. >> everybody is going to be cheering for her. >> a promise is to be not just a
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football game. but history will be made here at fedex fields. it kicks off the tool pop 25 -- 2:25 on saturday. >> perfect. >> they could play in a blizzard. perfect football weather. a perfect day to day. goodness. there is the beautiful sunset. this is the earliest one of the year. outside, our temperature today, we made it up into below 50's. a couple of degrees from the average.
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temperatures right now from the area, you can see some of the stuff, 19 degrees. here is what will be going on. is a weather front coming us and that will be leading some clouds over night tonight. temperatures will drop into the 30's. a rather general area of for tomorrow. tomorrow morning, it will be clear. even in washington, we will not see the temperature freezing tomorrow. the chillier air comes in as the common to dammar night. by sunday morning, the temperature gets down to the a 31 degrees, a lot of sunshine, but still chilly. that pattern, it because it is a dry pattern, continues into early next week. for our weekend, but at the
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temperatures. and to the 40's. linght winds. when you get up and head out tomorrow, but temperatures in 20's in the suburbs. a lot of sunshine, a little breezy in the afternoon. by the middle of the week, be near 50s will degrees. next chance of anything, rain on thursday or friday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. let's talk hockey. >> that changed this week. it is a beautiful thing to c m see him. we have not seen much of it this season. this is alexander we're talking about. these kids know it.
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it makes you think his slump be over. he admits to making the adjustment to his game. is aggressively skating well. i expect him to come out of flying like he did. >> this rate, the patriots' head compared the redskins to his famed quarterback. is a diamond in the rough. tom brady became dead diamond a long time ago. we have seen a different -- became that diamond a long time ago. seen a different brady. has plenty of weapons.
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93 receptions. the redskinsne have their hands full. -- yourdless of comment on them.ut pressure >> we're going to try the best we can to contain him. we are not intimidated. >> the pittsburgh steelers fans took quite a scare last night. the quarterback went down on his left ankle and had to leave the game. negative and he came back in the second half. that is why he has when of the thetation of being one of toughest in the league. browns a 14-be the 3. the drama of the crehris pau; waas.e that never
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already players are bogus scene the first time tonight. >> the of -- how ready players the firste seen for time tonight. evaluation process is to come the first time you floor in practice. i like the way it is set up. it will be more conducive for a young team to grow. >> other teams do not have the luxury as the wizards. the new jersey nets reportedly with magic star the white night.oard last >> we have a final look at the
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or 70tter than 65 degrees. at livehow it looks doppler. nothing going on, nor will there be over the weekend. tomorrow we will be into the 40's and a chilly day on sunday. >> we will take. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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